How it works

From the moment you contact Beverly Boy Productions, you will deal directly with an experienced producer who will help you piece together the project one step at a time. They will work within your budget to assure that your vision is followed through.

We will gather information that is specific to the needs, desires, and expectations of your project. We will go over how many crew members you need, where, for how long, and what positions you want filled. As video producers ourselves, we are happy and able to lend any advice should you need it.

We have vetted crews that are ready to mobilize. Whether you need a crew several months from now or within a few hours, we have video professionals on standby, waiting for their next assignment. If your shoot is not in a big city – have no fear! Our crews are spread throughout the globe. With so many team members in various places, no matter where your location, we most likely have team members nearby. We can reach any destination in a swift and timely manner no matter how far or how remote.

If you need assistance with more than just a crew, we’ve got you covered. We can coordinate post-production and editing, equipment rentals, casting calls for talent, location scouting, permits, insurance, and all other tasks that go into creating a flawless production. See our Equipment page for more information on what we offer.

At Video Crews Worldwide, we worry about the details so that you can focus on your project.

Picking the crew

We know that every film is unique. Because of this, although we have a vast number of experienced crew members, we carefully select each team member to work on each specific video project. We have a variety of talented crew members to choose from and we tailor each selection to the needs of our clients. We don’t just send the first crew members that were available. We make sure that you are working with the best video professionals possible for your specific project.

Customer service is our top priority. We are always available to answer your questions and concerns. Our producers put our clients’ needs before their own. After each shoot we follow up with clients to make sure they got exactly what they needed from their crew, and that the project exceeded their expectations.

How we help you

Videos can be expensive to produce. Producers know that a lot of a film’s cost comes from travel and moving expenses. Actors and crew members need hotels, per diems, transportation money, etc. Before long, it can feel like you’ve paid for a large vacation rather than a film crew.

Video Crews Worldwide helps reduce your production costs dramatically by hiring crew members who are either local or near the location of your project. By using local talent, producers save on the costs of travel, hotels, per diems, etc.

Maybe you are from Chicago, but filming in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, or perhaps you’re a native New Englander, but working on a project in Santa Fe – no matter how far your video project takes you from home, Video Crews Worldwide is your one-stop resource for finding and hiring local crew members to man your next project. With over 15 years of industry experience, we have personal connections to many of the best film crews throughout the world. We have worked on everything from small, independent music videos to national television interviews to Fortune 500 business marketing campaigns and so much more. At Video Crews Worldwide, we believe that no job is too big or too small as long as we are doing what we love.

How you help us

We have a rigorous vetting process, ensuring we hire only the best crew members in the video industry. Even after 15 years of being in operation, we continue to grow and learn as a company and as artists. By choosing Beverly Boy Productions, you are not only investing in your project, but you are investing in us.

Our reputation is staked on our client’s satisfaction. We do not take this responsibility lightly. We understand that you have options when hiring people to work on your film project, and we are honored when clients choose us. We strive to place the optimal crew members in the film projects that best meet our clients’ needs. It takes a great amount of creativity to produce any video project and we put that same creativity into staffing the best crews.

At Video Crews Worldwide, we care about our clients’ happiness as much as we do our own success. We support a strong communal, artistic, and driven atmosphere, and only employ crew members who share our same passion.