University TV Commercial Production

Union Institute and University
Here is one of many TV commercials we produced for this particular University. We were tasked with the challenge of producing a fast pace TV spot, that would catch the ear and eye of the viewing audience. In addition the client wanted to roll out the new online degree program, and drive home that you can attend class anytime, anywhere. The first thing we did once pre production began was cast actors for the various scenes. we were very specific as to who we chose, as the university wanted to represent their diverse student body. Once casting was complete, we knew we needed to come up with a score that would make a person leave the kitchen to see what was on television in the next room. We enlisted the help of Grammy award winning music producer Felix Pando to score this fast pace, unforgettable track. Once we filmed all of the essential elements, and music was in place, it was time for editing. Our editing team the theme of the concept to another level, by infusing creative animated text with the compelling video, and a ear popping music. The outcome was simply a masterpiece, the client was overjoyed with the final edit, and couldn’t wait to get the spot on television. When it comes to University TV Commercial Production, this one was definitely a home run! The response from the Union Ohio headquarters was fantastic, and even more important the spot did its job. The College was able to meet and exceed their enrollment during the time this campaign ran.