Think you have what it takes to become one of our experienced crew members? Beverly Boy Productions carefully vets all potential employees before hiring them into our production family. Every video project is different and we know that in order to have the best teams possible, we need a variety of crew members and teams to meet every need. However, we only take those at the top of their field; people who – like us – eat, sleep, and breathe video production. If this sounds like, then please apply! It takes all sorts to collaborate on a video project and we believe that the more talented, passionate people we have the better.

What do we look for?

Video Crews Worldwide looks for artists who are self-motivated and passionate about their craft. Most projects involve showing up at a certain place and time and taking the directions you are given. We want crew members who are easy to work with, but can also work on their own without constantly being told what to do. We also want crew members who know the ins and out of the video production industry and can solve any problems – no matter how big or how small – that may arise on set.

Our clients produce all sorts of videos: commercials, TV interviews, web promos, How To videos, etc. We want crew members who are not only knowledgeable, but versatile, too. Individuals with a long history of jobs and projects are always preferred, but we welcome talented newbies as well! Hands-on experience is a must, as is proven knowledge of industry standards.

At the heart of everything, what we really want is drive and passion. Prove to us that you care about video production as much as we do!

Think You’re Right for Us?

We put our reputation on the line every time we send a crew member into the field. Our clients demand professionalism, dedication, and respect. We work in our clients’ best interests and so do our crews. With so much at stake, we take our crew vetting process seriously. All new crew members are screened thoroughly and we are highly selective. Only apply if you believe you have what it takes!